Our vocation = to create alliances with local civil society actors around the world in the battle against human rights violations. Our actions contribute to reinforcing their capacities and supporting their growth.


Agir ensemble is a non-governmental organization created in 1989 to support and protect human rights defenders around the world.

We have supported nearly 400 local human rights associations and more than 700 defenders at risk in more than 40 countries.

We mainly focus on four areas:

  1. Rule of law and democracy
  2. Fight against torture and arbitrary arrests / detentions
  3. Protection of the rights of ethnic and sexual minorities
  4. Women’s rights and women’s leadership

Our values: Human dignity – Partnership – Activism


Act to support

We partner up with local non-profit organizations and NGOs and provide them with financial and technical assistance for their projects. We support their growth and leadership by reinforcing their capacities.

Act to protect

In 1999, we created the first French – and one of the world’s firsts – emergency relief fund dedicated to the protection of human rights defenders in danger.

Act to denounce

We develop networking and advocacy initiatives in close cooperation with our partners. We belong to several human rights defense networks and unite with other non-profit organizations and NGOs for joint action initiatives.

Give everybody the right to have rights!

Making a donation means acting with us to defend human rights and allow us to make lasting commitments to our partners on the field.

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