The Emergency Funds is currently suspended until June 2024.  The applications sent will not be reviewed until then.

The Emergency Fund

Created less than a year after the United Nations Declaration for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, Agir ensemble’s Emergency Fund mechanism for defenders at risk is historically the first French fund dedicated to this cause.

Since its creation in 1999, the Emergency Fund has assisted more than 900 human right defenders threatened or persecuted because of their fight for fundamental rights and freedoms around the world.

Taking into account that human rights defenders are increasingly persecuted and threatened, the Emergency Fund’s mandate is to provide financial assistance tailored to the needs of defenders at risk and to ensure regular monitoring of the situation of each of them.

défenseur·se·s soutenu·e·s depuis 1999

Acting to protect human right defenders

Our protection strategy

Agir ensemble was created to actively contribute to the support and protection of human rights defenders at risk around the world. Today, faced with the widespread observation of the many violations committed against defenders around the world, providing them with protection is more than ever a priority for our association. Thus, Agir ensemble continues to be committed to defending and promoting human rights, thanks to partnerships with actors on the ground and has developed genuine expertise in the field of assistance to defenders at risk, in order to ensure their safety and have their rights recognized.

The present strategy, adopted in 2023, thus consolidates Agir ensemble’s protection activities, spelling out the association’s protection principles and procedures.

Main steps in processing protection requests

The protection of human rights defenders is understood as the set of mechanisms and measures existing to reduce the risks and threats that people who defend, protect and promote, individually or collectively, human rights and fundamental freedoms in a peaceful manner may face, whether repression is organized by state or legal authorities, armed groups, private companies or even the population.

We act to protect defenders by implementing holistic protection, i.e. both collective and individual, both reactive and preventive. Agir ensemble offers rapid, personalized and flexible assistance to help human rights defenders, whatever their profile or the field of intervention in which they militate.

We ensure that measures to protect defenders reflect their needs in the face of the multiple forms of discrimination they may face.

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