Our vocation = to create alliances with local civil society actors around the world in the battle against human rights violations. Our actions contribute to reinforcing their capacities and supporting their growth.


Around the world, we further the growth and development of organizations that fight for the defence and promotion of civil and political rights as well as economic, social, and cultural rights.

Our institutional partnerships with local organizations are based on equality, trust, exchange, respect, and reciprocity. Each party is autonomous and agrees to join forces in order to achieve our common goals.


axe d'action 1

Promoting the rule of law,
democratic governance,
and calls to action.

axe d'action 2

Ensuring the protection of
human rights defenders in danger and denouncing
torture and arbitrary arrests/detainment.

axe d'action 3

Protecting the rights
of ethnic and LGBTQ
minorities and fighting
against discrimination
towards these individuals
and communities.

axe d'action 4

Promoting women’s rights, female leadership,
and the fight against
gender-based violence.


Act to support

We partner up with local non-profit organizations and NGOs and provide them with financial and technical assistance for their projects. We support their growth and leadership by reinforcing their capacities.

Act to protect

In 1999, we created the first French
– and one of the world’s firsts – emergency relief fund dedicated to the protection of human rights defenders in danger.

Act to denounce

We develop networking and advocacy initiatives in close cooperation with our partners. We belong to several human rights defense networks and unite with other non-profit organizations and NGOs for joint action initiatives.


Our projects are constructed and implemented with local partners. All of our activities integrate an inclusive and sustainable development approach. We encourage the practices of consolidation and capitalization of learning outcomes, as well as the sharing of knowledge and experience amongst non-profit organizations and NGOs by promoting collective brainpower and joint learning.

Our operational team — which is composed of staff members, interns, civic service volunteers, international solidarity volunteers, and other volunteers — works in our Lyon-based headquarters and travels frequently to on-site operations. Our Board of Directors consists of twelve members, and the General Assembly brings together the Board as well as our wider members every year.

The financial resources necessary for carrying out our work come from donations from individuals and companies, as well as public grants (the French Development Agency, the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the Greater Urban District of Lyon and the City of Lyon, Resacoop, etc.) and private funds (the National Endowment for Democracy, Fondation de France, Fondation Un monde par tous, Sigrid Rausing Trust, Voice, etc.).

Organization chart


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