NAME: Citoyennes Engagées – Empowering women in Gabon

DATES: 2021-2024

BUDGET: €429,906

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Contributing to the fight for gender equality and strengthening women’s power of action in Gabon through support to defenders and promoters of women’s rights.


LOCAL PARTNERS: Brainforest, Réseau Femme Lève-toi

OTHER PARTNERS: Initiative Développement

SUPPORT: European Union


  1. Disseminating accessible and updated knowledge on women’s rights and remedies in case of violation.
  2. Strengthening women’s rights defenders’ capacity to act.
  3. Promoting networking among civil society organizations to create a synergy of actors around women’s rights.

INTERVENTION MODES: Structural strengthening, networking, awareness raising, exchange of experiences, documentation, Change Oriented Approach


Collaboration between the state and civil society actors is fragile in Gabon. In addition, the dissemination of quality information about women’s rights is weak, especially in rural areas. Thus, women are mostly unaware of their rights and/or resigned.

In this context, the project aims to inform, equip, mobilize, and strengthen a selection of key actors, so they can promote and defend women’s rights more effectively. 



The Citoyennes Engagées project aims to give Gabonese citizens access to relevant and up-to-date information in the field of women’s rights. It will also reinforce the skills of a selection of actors to intervene in favor of women’s rights.

At the end of the project, a network of women’s rights defenders will have been established within the Gabonese civil society, women will have been further empowered and numerous information tools on women’s rights will be accessible.

At the end of the project, a network of defenders of women’s rights will be woven within Gabonese civil society, numerous information tools on women’s rights will be accessible and women’s empowerment will be reinforced in Gabon.

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