NAME : DEFI – Developing and promoting the initiatives of human rights organizations in Central Africa

DATES : 2021-2024 (Phase 3) / 2018-2021 (Phase 2) / 2015-2018 (Phase 1)

BUDGET : 654 106 €

WHAT IT’S ABOUT : Defending and promoting the rule of law, democratic values and human rights in Central Africa through support for civil society organizations

AREA OF INTERVENTION : Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Gabon

LOCAL PROJECT PARTNERS : 8 organizations and networks for the defense of women’s rights and/or sexual and gender minorities’ rights in Central Africa

PROJECT TEAM : Initiative Développement, Agir ensemble pour les droits humains

1. To strengthen the action capacities of selected human rights organizations / networks
2. To develop the strategic, financial, organizational and management skills of the human rights organizations and promote their sustainability
3. To strengthen advocacy actions and networking between partners

HOW WE INTERVENE : Structural strengthening, networking, development of strategic, financial, management and advocacy capacities


Central African countries are facing a decline in the rule of law as well as a perpetuation of discrimination against women and sexual and gender minorities. In these tense and difficult contexts, organizations and networks for the defense of the rights of women and sexual and gender minorities play an essential role of investigation, victim support, mobilization and protest.

These organizations need better trained activists, greater organizational solidity and financial means to carry out their action over time and thus stimulate a change in the practices of public authorities and local populations.


Expected outcomes :

At least 600 victims of discrimination and human rights violations assisted

2,000 people more aware about fundamental rights

400 formal and informal local representatives targeted by advocacy actions

8 human rights organizations / networks strengthen their capacities for action and their impact

8 human rights organizations / networks develop their operational skills to ensure the sustainability of their activities

Advocacy actions are carried out internationally and locally : one advocacy art competition is organized, one international advocacy mission is organized, two advocacy reports are published


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