Agir ensemble pour les droits humains


Creation of Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme (now Agir ensemble pour les droits humains) by André Barthélémy

André Barthélémy, the director of a charitable travel agency (ARVEL Voyages), traveled to Chile, where he met with local activists who were denouncing the human rights violations committed by the Pinochet military regime

Struck by these activists’ lack of resources, he decided to assemble a small group of people to form an organization that would support and defend human rights across the globe


Agir ensemble obtains observer status within the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights


Agir ensemble is granted advisory status to the United Nations


Commitment to support the activities of a hundred Human Rights Organizations around the world with own funds

Launch of the Practical Training Project for young human rights defenders in Africa, in partnership with seven associations: in Burundi, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Senegal and Chad


Launch of the ACTES Project (Action and Consultation against Trafficking and Sexual Slavery) in Rhône-Alpes


Launch of the Project for protection of the rights of prisoners in Africa, aiming to fight against serious violations of the rights and dignity of prisoners


Launch in DRC of the CIVIK Program (Consolidate, Boost and Promote civil society Initiatives in Kivu), in partnership with the African Human Rights Association, Solidarity for Social Promotion and Peace, Promotion and Support for Women’s Initiatives, Arche d’Alliance, the Christian Union for Progress and Protection of Human Rights


Launch in Mauritania of the FAM Project (Train and Act in Mauritania for the rights of women and the strengthening of civil society), in partnership with the Association of Women Heads of Families, SOS Esclaves Mauritanie and the Mauritanian Association of Human Rights


Launch in DRC of the DECLIK Project (Develop and Consolidate the Initiatives of Human Rights Defenders in the Kivus) carried out jointly with ASADHO-Béni, Arche d’Alliance, PAIF, SOPROP and UCPDHO

Departure of André Barthélémy and arrival of John Edmundson as president of the association


Launch of the DEFI Project (Develop and Promote Initiatives of Civil Society Organizations) in five Central African countries: Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and DRC (Oriental Province, North Kivu and South Kivu)

Launch in DRC of the APPEL Project (Supporting Access to Rights for Pygmy Peoples and Encouraging a Reform of the Land Law in DRC) in collaboration with the Organisation d’Accueil et d’Appui aux Pygmées (OSAPY) and the Congolese Organization of Ecologists and Friends of Nature (OCEAN)


Launch in DRC of the RISK Project (Strengthening Initiatives to Help Defenders of the Kivus) in collaboration with Synergie Ukingo Wetu (SUWE), SOS Information Juridique Multi-Sectorielle (SOS IJM), Arche d’Alliance

Launch in Congo of the MANDAT Project (Mobilizing the Efforts of Civil Society in the Fight against Arbitrary Detention and Torture in the Republic of Congo) in collaboration with the OCDH


Departure of John Edmundson and arrival of Tim Hughes as president of the association


Launch of the DEFI II Project (Developing and Promoting the Initiatives of Human Rights Organizations – Phase II) in 4 Central African countries: Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo


Celebration of the 30th anniversary of Agir ensemble and the 20th anniversary of the Emergency Fund

Launch of the RISK II Project (Strengthening Initiatives to Help Defenders in the Kivus – Phase 2) in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Launch of the PROTECTION Project with Tournons La Page (TLP), in Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad and Togo


Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme changes its name and becomes Agir ensemble pour les droits humains

Launch of the PACTE Project (Prevent and Act Against Torture and Arbitrary Detentions Together) with the Congolese Human Rights Observatory (OCDH), the Association for Human Rights and the Prison (ADHUC), the Association les Amis des Enfants (AAE), United Circle for Human Rights and Culture of Peace (CUDHOC), Association Horizon Futur and the Association for the Popularization of Law in the Heart of Society (AVDCS)

Launch of the BUENAVENTURA Project (Women, children and young people Free from Violence in Buenaventura) in Colombia, with Taller Abierto


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